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Visit this site Ranch Horse Outfitters Etc
Ranch Horse Outfitters Etc. is proud to present to you Paul Custom Saddlery, our custom handmade saddles, including ranch, cutting, roping, ranch versatility, ranch cutters and working cow horse saddles.
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Visit this site Western Tack Resource
Western Tack Resource - A complete resource for western saddles and accessories including information on used saddles, saddle types, saddle parts, saddle fit, saddle care, and saddle accessories.
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Visit this site Larry Fuegen ( Hand forged Damascus Spade Bits-Spurs-Knives )
Damascus Spurs : Hand forged one piece Damascus steel spurs. The hand carved heel bands and turned down shanks hint of California spurs, circa late 1800’s, with their 2.5 inch rowels, jingle bobs, heel chains, carved spur leathers and 2" engraved conchas. Any Vaquero would have been proud to have this set of spurs on their boot heel.Hand forged Damascus Spade Bit :This bit was inspired by the early work of Santa Barbara, CA bit and spur makers who used intricate metal working techniques such as carving and piercing to decorate their work.The bit featured above is comprised of hand carved and pierced cheeks with gold inlays, one piece hand forged spade mouthpiece with copper cricket and wrapped braces, and handmade rein chains with Damascus swivels.To see more of Larrys great hand forged pieces please visit our web site.
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Visit this site FORT RANCH
Welcome to Fort Ranch, Promontory, Utah. Home of some of the best pedigrees in the business. Thanks to all who attended our annual sale this June. We invite you to view our Broodmares, Stallions, Horses for Sale, pages. We stand six excellent stallions and have a broodmare band with own daughters of the greats, like Doc Quixote and Peppy San Badger. We are proud to own Meradas Little Sue; NCHA World Champion, NCHA HORSE OF THE YEAR, and NCHA HALL OF FAME Inductee. Click here to read Meradas Little Sue’s incredible story. We appreciate you stopping by and hope you will check back soon to view our 2005 colt crop. Thank you.
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Visit this site Western Canvas Supply & Repair
Tents & Accessories - WALL TENTS - RANGE TENTS - Camp Kitchens & Stoves - Camp Stoves - Camp Kitchens Utensil carriers - Outfitting & Packing Equipment - COWBOY BEDROLL COVERS - Travel Bags - Horse Riding & Trail Gear - Saddle Bags - Cantle Bags - Saddle Covers - Feed Bags - Rigging Bags - Horse Shoe’n Kit - Wagon Covers - CODY WYOMING
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Double Ott Catahoulas is dedicated to the preservation of the versatile Catahoula Leopard Dog focusing on physically and mentally sound dogs that possess intelligence, drive, natural working ability and trainability. Our dogs are trained and worked in hog hunting, squirrel hunting, coon hunting, cattle, as well as, general varmint control and personal protection.
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Visit this site River Forth Australian Cattle Dogs
First developed and refined in Australia during the late 1800’s to herdcattle, the Australian Cattle Dog is tough, courageous, and possesses greatstamina. The versatility of this "natural" breed is a tribute to those who haveworked to keep it a true working dog. Their intelligence and abilityto "problem-solve" guarantee the Australian Cattle Dog excel in herding,obedience, agility or as a vital family member. The Australian Cattle Dog ispart Collie, Dingo, Kelpie, and Dalmatian. The pups are born white. Adult coatsare short, dense, and either red or blue. They are athletically built, andcapable of sudden, quick movements.
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Visit this site Twister Heller Ranch
Working Ranch setting, we train horses, work cattle, train students. Our horses are turned out, babies grow up outside. Our program gives horses a well balanced life, they are not penned up in a stall. Those in training get 25-27 days of riding each month. Our Trainee Apprenticeship Schooling Course is open to enrollment at your convenience.Horses for sale at all times. For more info on horses, clinics or our apprenticeship school please visit our site.
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Visit this site Range Magazine
RANGE magazine is an award-winning publication devoted to the issues that threaten the West, its people, lifestyles, lands and wildlife. Known for its powerful photos and straight talk, RANGE exposes a land and lifestyle in crisis and shows how daily challenges are being met with grit, determination and humor. No stranger to controversy, Range is the leading forum for divergent viewpoints in the search for solutions that will halt the depletion of a national resource, the American cowboy.
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Visit this site Northern Range Ranch Roping Series
The goal of the NRRRS is to promote a form of roping that encourages low stress roping with proper horsemanship and stockmanship, employing a variety of functional and, sometimes, fancy loops. To this end, the NRRRS sponsors ranch roping clinics and events to teach and promote this style of roping.
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