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Visit this site Arizona Cowboy College- A Real Working Cattle Ranch
If you think the four seasons of CMT’s original series "Cowboy U" is your kind of fun. Spend some serious time with Rocco at the world famous Arizona Cowboy College and learn the methods of Real Working Ranch Cowboys.
Date added:02 November 2006 Clicks:1894
Visit this site Broken Bow Ranch
We offer trail rides, horse training, performance horses and commercial cattle bred to Angus Bulls. We also have a herd of Brangus Cows on Bramgus Bulls. Our newest location also has a Bed and Breakfast, including conference room, indoor pool, sauna and weight room. In addition, we also offer trail rides, archery, fishing and skeet.
Date added:13 November 2017 Clicks:386
Visit this site Natural Cattle Handling
Hands on low stress cattle handling instruction for ranches and feedlots. Learn on your own cattle, under your own working conditions. Interested in planned grazing but not "recreational fencing?" I can help you change the behavior of your cattle so yo can follow grazing plans in big pastures!
Date added:22 January 2016 Clicks:685
Visit this site Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School
Personal teaching by qualified instructors is, quite simply, the reason O.S.H.S. is ahead of other schools. Owner-Operator Reggie Kester is Journeyman Certified by the American Farrier’s Association; the only school owner in Oklahoma to date to have achieved this certification.
Date added:06 April 2006 Clicks:1707
Visit this site Ranch Management Consultants
Whether it is in the classroom, the pasture, the boardroom or at the kitchen table, our programs have been helping people like you achieve the results they need for over 30 years. Our internationally acclaimed Ranching For Profit School offers the knowledge, tools and insights ranchers need to build sustainable businesses. Unequaled support after the school simplifies and accelerates the implementation of Ranching For Profit concepts and tools.
Date added:22 January 2016 Clicks:1189
Visit this site Twister Heller Ranch
Working Ranch setting, we train horses, work cattle, train students. Our horses are turned out, babies grow up outside. Our program gives horses a well balanced life, they are not penned up in a stall. Those in training get 25-27 days of riding each month. Our Trainee Apprenticeship Schooling Course is open to enrollment at your convenience.Horses for sale at all times. For more info on horses, clinics or our apprenticeship school please visit our site.
Date added:27 February 2006 Clicks:2881
Visit this site Western College of Auctioneering
Once you have decided you want to be an auctioneer you will want to be trained by experts. W.C.A.’s instructors are people who are at the top of their profession. They are willing to share their talents and knowledge with those who will be following in their footsteps.
Date added:16 May 2006 Clicks:1724
Visit this site Wyoming Adventures
Lee Livingston Outfitting is now offering a horse packing school in conjunction with Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. This is a hands-on program to teach the skills necessary for wilderness horse packing and back country outfitting. The course is designed for those seeking employment in the outfitting industry and for those who want to increase their skills for their personal pack trips. The objective is to teach proper methods and procedures, emphasizing safety for people and stock. This six-day program features two days at the Northwest College Field Station and four days on a pack trip in the back country.
Date added:06 April 2006 Clicks:1236
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