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Visit this site No-Step Fence Post
Based on the family ranch in northwest Nebraska, we began experimenting with mob grazing our irrigated grass/legume mix pivot during the fall. While the geared polywire reels worked great, we were not at all happy with the portable fence posts that were available. We wanted a simple, easy to use, and carry fence post that could go into frozen ground. After some experimenting, we developed the No-Step Post. It is made from 1/2 inch diameter sunguard coated fiberglass, which will never short out or give you slivers. The post is 40 inches long overall with a 4 inch long steel spike that goes in the ground. The wire is held on with an adjustable steel clip. As the name implies, the post does not have a step on it. This enables us to carry them in a quiver while stringing out the polywire, giving us a free hand to put the posts in on the same trip! It has reduced our labor in moving portable electric fence by over one half! We hope that it can benefit you as much as it has us at the family ranch!
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Visit this site Schmalz Fence Company
Schmalz Fence Company in the Wapiti Valley between Cody Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park has been in business for over 20 years! We build post-and-rail , or Buck-and-rail fences. We will construct Ranch Gates here in Wyoming and transport it to your home or ranch! We can then dig the holes and set the whole thing for you! We can also custom-build the rail-gates and ship them disassembled with the gate hardware to your favorite fencer or handyman - or with instructions for you to construct!
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