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OLS Tubs

PO Box 189
Ellendale ND 58436
United States of America
Phone: 7013494420
Contact: Katie Peterson orwigstubs@hotmail.com
Years ago, low moisture molasses lick tubs were created as a carrying method to get livestock the nutrition they needed when times got tough...
Through technology, they figured out a way of crystallizing molasses around the nutrients, keeping them viable for a long shelf life. That’s exactly what OLS Tubs is all about. Only we are a little different.

OLS Tubs has made it their goal to supply ranchers with the best quality livestock supplements with maximum benefits and at the same time, keeping the cost per head per day as low as possible with the same or much better results as high consumption tubs along with less waste.

OLS is a Livestock Supplement Manufacturer, distributing cattle, horse and sheep feed to the USA and Canada. OLS Tubs are extremely concentrated formulas designed for low consumption with very high quality additives. OLS uses additives such as Amaferm, Lacto-Mos, Bio-Mos, Availa 4, extra B-vitamins, probiotics, prebiotics, immune boosting packages are more.

Some packages feed as low as $0.19 per head per day in some areas (depending on shipping miles).

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